Name: Deepak (no last name atm)

DOB: July 18, 1981

6 foot two. 265 pounds.

Ethnicity: American Citizen 🇺🇸 (born in Libya to Hindu South-Indian Kerala Parents.)

Location: Chicagoland, Illinois. USA. 🇺🇸

Sun Sign: Cancer ♋ 🌑

Moon Sign: Aquarius ♒ 🌊

Eastern Sign: Metal Rooster 🪙🐔

Blood Type: O

Personality: INFJ / INFP / Empath / HSP / +

Politics: Former.

Religion: Atheist. Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Taoist. Also Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh.

Light Side: Sweet

Dark Side: Psycho

Character class: 🧙

Status: Single

Interests: Music, Writing, Personal Growth. And killing Batman.